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Bedroom interior design as per Vastu. The master bedroom of the house should be located in the southwest part of the house. This bedroom where the owner of the house should sleep and rest. According to Vastu Experts in Delhi while looking for the color of curtains or black curtains should be avoided. Some colors to bring positive energy to the living room. It is important to note that there should be no toilet or bathing area in the southwestern portion only the bedroom should be located in the southwestern part. One should also keep in mind that ignoring interior rules given by Vastu Experts during interior design can lead to imbalance of energy and more importantly on nature ie five elements.

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Use these colors on your own or in a combination to maximize positivity in space. Vastu Interior Home Vastu Expert in Delhi Vastu Treatment for Vastu Shastra in Hindi Vastu Vastu Expert for Kitchen Vastu for Vastu Vastra and Vastu Vastu Vastu Shastra Vastu in Delhi Vastu Shastra as Advisor for Bed Room Interior Design Feng international Vastu Vastu course for Office Vastu. A light yellow or white color should be avoided.

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The suggested architectural colors for bedroom walls are light rose navy blue or dark green. You build your house as per Vastu Experts in Delhi NCR but during the internal design process you only do half the work, ignoring your principles. One should avoid keeping it available in the dark.

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The living room interior design idea is very important as a Vastu Expert in Delhi NCR give Vastu compliant living room per Vastu because it is where the whole family spends time with. Avoid black and red for living room walls. The bedroom as per Vaastu recommends that the bedroom should not be any calendar photo statues or sculptures.

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If you are in a marriage or a relationship, pink or light red is the ideal master bedroom color as per Vastu Experts Near me as it not only deepens your bond with your partner but also helps keep the conflict at bay. Here the basic recommendations are designed for a bedroom according to Vastu principles and get the benefit of health and prosperity. Whether entertaining guests or throwing a small party the living room automatically becomes a part of your ceremony. Burning air fire earth and space.

Instead a side bulb or a night lamp should always be lit as suggested architectural tips for the master bedroom. Vastu white as pale yellow green and blue are the best choice for the living area as they bring in a calm vibe. Avoid painting your walls black.

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Bedrooms are best suited with bright colored curtains, while dark color curtains are best suited for living rooms. This radiates positive energy as per Vastu paints your bedroom walls in neutral or earthen colors. Master bedroom location as per Vastu. Vastu Expert Near me Vastu Shastra shows how you can improve your bedroom to increase positive energy and also improve relationships between couples. Instead of Vastu Shastra raised up the false ones and also according to Vastu for the height of the roof the distance between the floor and the ceiling of the bedroom suggests for the flat roof design. Vastu Interior Bed Room Interior Design For Bedroom Vastu And Interior Design As Per Vastu Vastu Vastra Shastra Vastu Tips Vastu Consultant For Vastu International

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