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Vastu is an ancient Indian science of increasing positive and destroying negative energy in and around a place or person.

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The more positive energy is around you, the more abundance is attracting towards you. It can also be said that Vastu becomes abundance and prosperity in the lives of people. For a happy and successful life, Vastu Experts in Delhi have a Vastu for home guide with it. For any person, a home is the place where it becomes most comfortable. It is not of utmost importance that the atmosphere in the house is calm and the rest of the peaceful person is disturbed and feels ineffective. Home is composed of passion, feelings, and feelings of love and warmth. Vastu Experts are necessary for the house to avoid any negative effects.

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According to Vastu Expert in Delhi NCR the things whose effects are negative for the house? Social deficit: loss of respect in society, legal matters and other possible ways to achieve this goal. Currency Hassels: Business losses, non-payment of loans to lenders and ultimately bank ruptcy. Medical troubles: extreme illness, fatal diseases, and even untimely deaths and recollections are just a few, in fact, a lot. Direction based placement of things, such as dedicated space for each room - - For the prosperity of any house, some major parts are to remain fixed like bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, religious room, etc. Office is the other place where it is overly. Spends time.

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Major Ways to Apply Vastu to Home. When the house is being constructed. At this time everything can be constructed on the basis of architectural standards. When it is already there, but Vastu is to blame. In this situation, Vastu Expert Near me shows the effect can be reduced, but not completely eliminated by applying some treatment.Things to consider when the house is newly purchased / constructed.Never book a new flat or shift to a new house on Tuesday or Saturday because they are considered unlucky.

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This flat is preferable to avoid construction in the northeast or southwest corner. Make sure the drainage system is in the north, northwest or west direction. According to Vastu Expert in Delhi, if the flat is a balcony, the slope should be towards the north or east direction. When there is a room on the roof of the flat, it should be in the southwest corner. It would be appropriate to use light colors on its walls like cream, white, yellow, blue and green for positiveness. Flats are considered the most among the balconies in the east and north.

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Sometimes go for flats with balconies in the south. According to Vastu Experts in Delhi NCR one should buy a flat with a rectangular or square shape. The flat northeast has kitchens and toilets that should be avoided during purchase. Flat windows should be in north or east direction. While buying flats, avoid black and brown like this to see the darker colors that are not used for negativity. The room is to the east or north west that should be considered as the drawing room. Things to consider when home architecture is flawed You can use feng shui products to reduce the bad effects of Vastu for the home.

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If you have a blank wall in front of the main gate (inside house) then display a Ganesh image on it or hang a Sri Yantra symbol on it to correct the flow of energy in the entrance corridor. Vastu Experts Near me says regularly grease the doors so that they do not make any noise. Heavy items such as the location of furniture in the southwest direction of the house such as beds and large cupboards is an area that according to Vastu Experts should not be left empty. Light a lamp / lamp / candle every evening, preferably near a basil plant or a pot of clear water. This will help to keep negative energy away from the house. If you don't have a basil plant in your living room. Always have a nameplate outside your house. Try not to place a mirror in the bedroom, as this will lead to misunderstandings between couples. If you want, place the mirror along the north-east wall. Happy pictures of a couple in the bedroom are believed to strengthen the relationship. Remove all clutter from under the bed to move yourself forward or make-up progress. In fact, any unwanted material will bring negative energy. So go around your house and collect items that are useless and just collecting dust. Drugs should not be kept in the kitchen. There should not be leakage in taps as they are related to water energy or finance.

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